Privacy Policy

This is a page describing what we might do with your data.

What information is being collected?

We collect email addresses, names, phone numbers, ONLY if you enter them into a form. By entering your information somewhere on our site, you’re giving us the ability to contact you in the future.

We only contact you to provide helpful information like blog posts, or the occasional information about our products or services. If you want to delete your data on our website then contact us via our contact form and request the deletion of your account. Or contact fastpenguin91 (at) gmail (dot) com

Why is data being collected?

Because we want to build relationships with our customers and learn from the data how to create the best experience possible for our users.

How is information going to be used?

We will not give out your data to anyone except the tools we use to manage relationships with our customers. We use products like Salesforce, Hubspot, Email services like Aweber, etc… but we will never SELL your data, and you can request to have your data deleted any time and we will do so.

Who will data be shared with?

We use analytics tools and customer relationship tools. So Google analytics, Hubspot, and any other tools that are used to learn how website visitors are interacting with our site.

What will be the effect of this on individuals concerned?

You may get occasional emails from us, which you can opt out of using the opt-out button at the bottom of every email.