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HIPAA Compliant Digital Marketing

We are a marketing agency that specializes in helping HealthCare Providers grow their practice online. We respect privacy laws and strive to make sure everything we do and all the software we use for our clients are HIPAA compliant.

Content Marketing

We help you create and execute a content plan that will put your website to work for you 24/7. Done right, content can get you more traffic, patients, and referrals. Every healthcare practice is unique, so we’ll customize a plan to fit the needs of your practice.

Email Marketing

Most people won’t become a patient the first time they visit your site. Email is a great way to nurture relationships with your visitors over time so they can become a patient when they’re ready. We help you develop email marketing strategies so you can get more patients.

Analytics & Tracking

The web allows you to analyze every piece of your sales & marketing funnel. We track and record everything so you know how much traffic, leads, and patients you’re getting from your efforts. Then we test, improve, and repeat.

Video Marketing

Video Content is a great opportunity for HealthCare businesses to get in front of their patients. Whether you’re a local practice or people come from all over the world to get your care, a good video marketing strategy can help you build trust, establish your reputation, and be found by more of your potential patients.

Benefits of Video Marketing

  • YouTube is 2nd Largest Search Engine
  • Videos are found in both Google AND YouTube
  • Video drives more traffic to site and converts better than text
  • Builds trust and community

Video marketing isn’t just YouTube. There are other methods like video advertisements on Facebook and Instagram. Videos done right convert very well. We determine if, where, and how video marketing can fit into your overall plan to grow your healthcare practice.

Results Driven Web Design

A great website design makes it easier and faster to accomplish goals. Patients should be able to easily find what they’re looking for, whether it’s information about a health problem, a place to schedule an appointment, how to do that exercise you told them about, etc…

Web design is all about getting results. We take a data driven approach to our designs. We figure out what the company and customer goals are, and we build a website that helps people accomplish their goals.

Continuous Improvement

A website design is never complete. As you learn more about your patients and find better ways to serve them, your website needs to evolve so it can be even more valuable to your patients and your business.

Depending on your situation, we may start with a Launch Pad Website as a starting point, and use data we gather to continuously improve your website over time.

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