Initial Website Setup

Get Your Website Up & Running in Minutes

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Build Your Website From Scratch:

You only need two things to build a website: A Domain Name and Web Hosting. You can get both from BlueHost, and get your website running in about 2-4 minutes by following this tutorial. If you already have a domain & Web Hosting you can skip this step. Just Log into your WordPress Dashboard. If you’re currently using something other than, contact your hosting support and ask them for help moving to

Note: A .net .co .io or .ly domain are good alternatives to .com.

One Time Setup

No Developer or Designer Necessary

Installing A WordPress Theme:

I’ve tried dozens of themes both free AND paid. It’s much better to just use the right theme the first time and not have to waste time and money trying to get inferior products to work. Divi is the best theme out there that I’ve found. It’s highly customizable and very easy to use. That’s what we’ll be using to setup our website on these tutorials, and I recommend you use it too. If you’re not sure, then check out our review below to see it in action.

Install A Divi Child Theme (Important!!)

Installing a Child Theme is important because it allows you to update your website without losing any changes. Without a Child Theme, every update will reset any customizations like your social media icons. Your content (posts, pages etc…) will stay, but any code will be reset, so it’s best to just use a Child Theme.

Setup Permalinks:

Permalinks are important to setup because they create the links to your webpages. Every blog post and page you have has its own link. These links need to be easy to type in and they need to help Google understand what the page is about. Luckily they are not very hard to understand.

Here is the Custom Link Structure for /category/post: /%category%/%postname%/

Improve Divi’s Speed:

Contact Your “Live Chat Support” for your web hosting and copy/paste this message:

According to my Theme Support, My WordPress Theme needs to have the latest stable and available PHP version and a minimum of 128M memory.

You can refer to these links to know more about these requirements:

Note that in many tutorials on web that you can simply edit the php.ini file to increase the memory. It will not work on most hosts since they may have set an upper limit on the memory. You need to ask them to increase it to at least 128M.