Divi is hands down the best theme I’ve ever used for WordPress. It has transformed the way I customize my website and has made my life so much easier. Here are some of the benefits of Divi:

Super easy to use:

When I first started with the Divi theme, it took me about 10 minutes to have my website look better than it ever did before. Divi is one of the easiest themes to use, and it really gives the average WordPress user the power to do nearly anything they want with their website. Don’t just take my word for it. See for yourself.

Disclosure: I get a small commission at no extra cost to you when a product is purchased through my links. I only recommend this product because it’s something I have used and enjoyed, and I know it will help you. Please don't purchase anything unless you think it will help you achieve your goals.

Watch me customize a page using Divi:

If you’re not comfortable using WordPress yet, there’s no need to worry. Divi allows you to edit your website on “the front end” so you can see your changes as they happen using their “Visual builder”.

Using Divi’s Visual Builder:

If you have your own products, it’s really easy to create your own product pricing page. Watch me build a product pricing page in a matter of minutes:

Create a Pricing Page:

If you’re a freelancer or small business owner of some sort you may want to show off your work. Using Divi you can quickly create a high quality portfolio page to show off to your prospects. Basically anything you need to do is much easier in Divi than with any other theme I’ve used.

Super customizable:

Divi is also very customizable. You can use this theme to do just about anything with your website. It integrates with E-commerce, “Learning Management Systems” for online courses, forums, and nearly everything else you could want to do with your website.

If you aren’t able to get exactly what you want, you can hire a web developer to create a “Child Theme” so you can have your own truly unique theme using Divi, and you’ll still have all the benefits of Divi.

Intro to Divi Builder:

Always up to date:

Divi is updated regularly. This theme is here to stay and is always improving, thanks to the subscription based model.

A/B Testing:

“Split Testing” or A/B testing is a great feature that allows you to constantly improve your results. It allows you to create two or more versions of the same page, then you can send half your visitors to one version, and half to the other, and see which page gives you better results. This takes all the guesswork out of your business.


Uses tons of shortcodes

Divi is capable of being so flexible partly because of its heavy use of shortcodes. This isn’t a bad thing unless you ever decide to move away from Divi. If you switch to another theme it will take some time to make your website look good because of all the shortcodes. That said, I personally don’t ever plan to move away from Divi, so no skin off my bones!

Might have bottlenecks

The Divi Builder does a lot of stuff, and I personally had to increase the memory limit of my website because the Divi builder used up too many resources at once (Simple fix that doesn’t cost anything. I should also note I seem to be the only one that’s had this problem). This was fixed when I contacted support, and they told me how to fix the problem. After I followed their suggestions my website was up to speed and it worked perfectly fine.


Divi is wonderful. It’s one of the best investments I’ve ever made. If you don’t like Divi for whatever reason, there are 86 other high quality premium themes included in the package. So get Divi today and start building your next beautiful website.