Build Your Website

Without Hiring a Developer/Designer

Build Your Website in 3 Simple Steps:

If you’re not ready to hire a full service agency to manage growing your business online, that’s okay. Luckily you can build a website on your own, even if you have little to no technical experience. Either go through this series on your own, or have someone on your team go through it and build out the website.

In this tutorial series we’re going to start from scratch and walk you through how to build a website step by step. If you follow along, you’ll end up with a Launch Pad Website.

A Launch Pad Website is a starting point. It’s a website that looks decent. (or even pretty good depending on your design skills and the images you have available) Once you have your launch pad, you’ll be able to make improvements over time as you learn more about your website visitors. Just remember, Craigslist is worth well over $100 million. That website is as plain and boring as it gets.

We care about results.

As your business grows you’ll eventually be able to hire a full service agency to help you create a beautiful website, manage social media marketing, SEO, Paid advertising, Video marketing, and everything else involved in growing your business online.

Step 1: Setup Your Website

The first step in building a website is making sure you have the right tools. These tools do just about everything for you, and you’ll have your website up and running in about 10 minutes, but it’s going to look pretty bad. From there we’ll start adding some content, and then design the website to look better.

All of the tools you need will be discussed on the next page. If you already have a domain and hosting, but you’re not using WordPress, you may need to contact your hosting company support team to have them help you move to, which is what I recommend for most businesses.

Each domain/hosting company is going to look a little different, but conceptually it’s the same exact thing across all companies. You still have DNS, Domain, Email, etc… It just might be in a different place. Contact your hosting support if you need help.

Step 2: Adding Content

Once you have a live website, the next step is to add your content to your website. This will be stuff like your menu, a services page, an about us/company page, etc… Again, we’ll walk through the whole thing step by step.

Part of this process SHOULD be drawing out on paper the structure of the website. It’s much faster to draw things out on paper first.

Step 3: Design & Customize

This is where we start taking your website and making it look amazing. Using the Drag & Drop features we can create a highly customizable and beautiful website without touching any code. By the end of this series you’ll be able to experiment and customize your website for the most part without our help.

Step 4: Build a Digital Marketing Campaign

There’s honestly one more step: Marketing. A website is useless if it just sits there. It’s worse than useless if it gives your visitors a bad experience. You want to start using your website to provide value to your prospects and customers. This part is not covered in the series, but is a never-ending process that you will use to build relationships with the people you do business with.

Start Building Your Website