How to Build a Website

Disclosure: I may get a commission if you purchase these products through my links at no extra charge to you. You do need these tools to follow along with the tutorial.

Web Hosting & Domain Options:

Domain Name: Your domain name or “name of your website” must be unique. .com domains are the most popular but it’s very difficult to find one that isn’t taken. It’s perfectly fine to use .co .net or any of the other options. It’s a matter of personal preference.

Web Hosting Package Extras:

These are optional additions that are offered on the purchase page. Here’s a description of each:

Domain Privacy Protection – The only one you NEED. Unless you want anyone being able to see your address and phone number. With automated numbers calling all the time you should get this.

SiteLock Security – Find: Not necessary. There are plenty of security tools available to make your site more secure

CodeGuard Basic – Backs up your website daily. If this is a business site you’ll want this. You want to have a way to backup your site. That said, there are more manual & time consuming free options if budget is an issue. There’s also other ways to backup your site via plugins, but most plugins are more expensive than CodeGuard Basic.

BlueHost SEO Tools: Not necessary. Everything offered here is easy to get elsewhere. Your site gets submitted automatically and keyword tools are inaccurate.

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