Web Hosting is one of two things you need if you want to own a website, and shared Hosting (BlueHost) is the best way to start. Once you start getting thousands of visitors a month then you’ll want to upgrade, but until then just grab a shared hosting plan and start building your business!

What is Shared Hosting?

First of all, “Hosting” is basically a computer where your website lives. Think of it like a house or apartment for your website. Shared Hosting is where your website shares a computer with other websites. Think of that like an Apartment. When you first move out of your parents house you can’t usually afford your own house, so you get an apartment and get some roommates. Similarly, your website is just starting out, so it goes and lives somewhere with friends and shares the cost. That is Shared Hosting.

Why Use Shared Hosting?

Use Shared Hosting because it will give you the biggest bang for your buck. A new business has small amounts of content, and few visitors. You don’t need anything more than shared hosting. it’s a waste of money to spend extra on expensive hosting if you’re just getting started. That money is much better spent elsewhere. Shared hosting costs around $5-$7 per month while “Managed” or “Dedicated” hosting is much more expensive ($29/month to hundreds or even thousands a month).

So just stick to Shared hosting until your business really starts growing.

All Shared Hosting is the same:

All shared hosting plans are very similar. Most of them provide 24/7 support, 99.9% uptime or greater, your web pages usually load the DOM (Stuff you see) in less than two seconds, and it will only cost a couple dollars a month. This is all great, but it’s standard for every web hosting company. Nothing special…

Why BlueHost stands out:

It literally cannot get any easier to build a website than with BlueHost. I can build a website in less than TWO MINUTESThey practically do it for you.

Watch me build a website in two minutes with BlueHost:

Disclosure: If you purchase a product through my links I will get a commission at no extra charge to you. I have used all of the products I recommend, and I only suggest them when they will help you accomplish your goals. Please do not purchase anything unless it will help you.

BlueHost really goes out of their way to make things as simple as possible for anyone to get a website up and running. If you get stuck on something you can just contact their 24/7 Support. If you want a deeper look around in BlueHost, then check out this video here:

A look around inside BlueHost:

When To upgrade?

BlueHost is a great first step when getting online, but eventually you’ll outgrow it. When you get around 10,000 visitors a month your site might start to slow down. By this time you should already be making money with your site, and it’ll be time to upgrade. This number is different for everyone, but when your site starts to lag due to traffic, it’s time to upgrade.

Another good time to upgrade is when your business can pay for it. As an entrepreneur you must be careful with your spending, and BlueHost works perfectly fine, but if you’re ready, a huge step up from shared hosting is “Managed” hosting.

Managed hosting is much much better than any shared hosting you can buy. Your pages will load much faster, your site will be more secure, backups taken care of for you, and much more, but you’ll be spending at least $29/month. check out WPEngine when you’re ready to look at upgrading. But in all honesty, you will be just fine with BlueHost until you hit around 10,000 visitors a month.


You WILL need to upgrade when your site starts getting results and making money, so don’t worry about which Shared Hosting company you pick. Use BlueHost and you’ll have your site built in the next 5 minutes. Once your site starts making some money or you can comfortably afford to pay for the “High powered” hosting services then you can think about more long-term solutions like WPEngine. The choice is yours!